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2 Year Old Class - Tiny Tippy Toes

This program is BRAND NEW to KDC! 

Opening up an entire 2 year old program we will focus on balance, control, concentration and most importantly fun! This program will include dots, props and different items that will help your child work on their center pose. This dance class that does NOT perform in a recital but will get your child ready for our next class up: Dazzling Dancers

3-6 Year Old Class - Dazzling Dancers

This is our original KDC preschool program revamped. Focusing on memory, confidence, and rhythm, our Dazzling Dancers program is designed to enhance your child's brain growth and development through play, exploration and creativity. This program WILL have a recital at the end of their session with homemade costumes included and not 1 but 2 dances that they will perform for you in a small family-knit recital. 

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